Have you ever wondered why there are certain posts on social media that get more likes and retweets and shares? What makes these posts different from yours? This is why Lakeland internet marketing matters. Posting a photo or a video on your business page is more than choosing the best angle under the best light. This isn’t like your personal page where you choose your best angle. There are many, many factors that go into one social media post for your business.

But the most important factor is your audience. You need to choose and get to know who your audience is and what kind of lives they are leading. Knowing this information allows you to create a strategy and content that will reflect your shared and common values. This content should attract the attention of your target consumers and they must empathize with your products and relate to your post on a personal level.

Create audience personas

What is an audience persona? Also called buyer persona, marketing persona, or customer persona, it is a profile that allows you to personalize your marketing efforts by humanizing core target groups of your customer base. It allows you to craft the right message for the right consumers to target your social media ads effectively. Personalization, in a nutshell, is simply a must in the social media world.

Personalized messages and Lakeland internet marketing efforts are things your customers expect. In a survey done in April 2018, it was found out that more than half of consumers expect companies’ offers to always be personalized. Millennials, in particular, feel the need for personalized messages. But the problem with businesses nowadays is that marketers lack the skill to personalize content effectively.

There is more than one buyer persona. You will create different profiles according to your target audience’s demographic details, behaviors, goals, pain points, and buying patterns. So although you can’t get to know each buyer individually, you can create a profile of him/her and use this profile to personalize the content that is targeted toward your target audience.

Gather real-world data

You can never make assumptions when it comes to Lakeland internet marketing strategies. Every strategy that you will create based on data should be founded on empirical evidence, on truths, on facts. Instinctively, you might think that there are more Baby Boomers on Facebook than there are Millennials but a recent survey showed that Millennials still use Facebook extensively, much more than Baby Boomers.

This data, for example, will allow you to create a strategy that will target Millennials on Facebook and Baby Boomers on Facebook. Instead of paying more to reach these two entirely different age groups, you can refine your “reach” based on two different strategies.