The website design and digital industry have grown significantly over the years. This can be largely attributed to the rise in the development of digital and online technology. As a result, there is an increased demand for professionals in this industry. When it comes to choosing a career in the web design industry, however, you should know that you aren’t limited to just creating designs for websites, if this doesn’t appeal to the designer for you. There are multiple types of careers in the website design industry, and it’s a matter of your figuring out what career suits your skills and interests best. Here are some of the most popular careers in the web design industry.

UX designer

The interesting thing about web design is that design doesn’t only focus on the overall aesthetic appeal of a website. There are plenty of different factors that contribute to the success of a functional website. One of the more prominent factors that guarantee a seamless browsing experience on a website is the UX or the user experience on a website. As a UX designer, your job is to design the navigation and the layout of the website to make it easier for users to browse through the website. The main goal of a UX designer is to make the entire browsing experience more intuitive for the user.

UI designer

On the other end of the web design spectrum is the UI designer or the user interface designer. While UX focuses on the user’s overall experience when they browse and interact with your website for a more intuitive experience, UI designer are more focused on how your website responds when a user interacts with it on a more visual level. Of the two, a user interface designer is more creatively geared compared to UX design, but both are very equally important. The UX designer focuses on how a user gets through the website with the least amount of fuss possible, which the UI designer focuses on making sure that their visual impression on the website is a good one.

Brand designer

Branding is very important in any website design, and this particular role is still very much in demand. A brand designer is more focused on creating the right kind of branding strategy for a particular company and determining how the general public is going to perceive that brand. Brand designers often work hand in hand with marketing professionals as they try to come up with the best kind of strategy that best appeals to their target audience in a visual manner.