When it comes to content about Lakeland website design, you are probably familiar with the dozens of articles that talk about web design trends and practices that you should be implementing in your own web design.

However, while it is beneficial to learn about what design practices can help your website, it is just as important to learn about the web design practices that might harm your website. Learning about these practices can help you be more aware of what users don’t like to see on a website. As a result, you have a more well-rounded web design that is designed to appeal to users in every way. To help you out, here are some Lakeland website design practices that you should be avoiding as it has been found that a large majority of users dislike seeing these elements in the websites that they visit.


Of course, the bane of any website user, popups. From a website owner’s perspective, a popup might make a lot of sense. After all, what better way to snag the attention of the user right off the bat? However, while this is something that looks great on paper, it isn’t really something that works well in practice.

The main reason behind its lack of success is that users hate it when they’re browsing through a website, and all of a sudden, a popup is shoved in their faces to advertise a free eBook or any other similar content. Popups to encourage newsletter subscription is something to avoid as well. It is understandable that conversions are important, but popups to encourage newsletter signups tend to have the opposite effect.


Something that plenty of first-time web designers and website owners fail to understand right off the bat is that users hate inconsistency when it comes to the websites that they visit. It’s not just inconsistency in terms of information, but inconsistency in design.

For example, the color scheme that you choose for your website should remain consistent throughout the entire website. And as much as possible, you should stick to a color scheme of two or three colors at most. It makes it easier to stick to a consistent color palette if you focus on fewer colors. However, it’s not just the colors you have to look out for in terms of consistency. You should also take a look at the fonts that you use for your website and make sure that it is maintained throughout your website for consistency.

Improper use of background video

A lot of people would happily say that a background video, in general, is a general no when it comes to your Lakeland website design, but there are websites that have managed to implement this properly. When it comes to using background video, you have to make sure that it is clean and professionally shot. A well-done video can do wonders for your company’s image and story, but a sloppy one can hurt your web design.