Lakeland website design trends are well-known to come and go over the course of the years. In an industry as unpredictable as the web design one, this makes plenty of sense. However, professionals in this field are constantly on their toes, making sure that their web design practices are in line with the current web design trends.

However, no matter how much these trends will change, bad practices in Lakeland website design tend to remain pretty much the same. Learn more about the web design practices that nobody likes in any web design.


When you enter a website for the first time, the last thing you want glaring in your face is website pop-ups. Unfortunately, this practice is far too commonly used by plenty of websites. From a website owner’s perspective, this makes sense.

After all, the best way to get the results that you want is by being persistent, right? However, if your pop-ups are following your users every single page they visit on your website, don’t be surprised if you see a spike in your site’s bounce rate.

Inconsistent color schemes

Remember that your website and your Lakeland website design is a reflection of your business. If users find your website difficult to maneuver and inconsistent, they may have that opinion of your business as well.

One way that they may have this opinion of your business if your color scheme on your site is too inconsistent. As much as possible, determine a color scheme ahead of time and stick to that in order to maintain your website’s consistency.

Improper use of background videos

Background videos tend to be debated quite a bit in the Lakeland website design industry because some people find them annoying, while others compliment their effectivity. The main thing to remember is that proper use of background videos are the way to go when incorporating these into your website.

If you plan on using background videos, make sure that you use these properly by using high-quality background videos as well as giving users the ability to control the volume of the video.

Persistent newsletter signup requests

Like pop-ups, persistent newsletter signup requests are another annoying thing that users do not want to see on the websites that they visit. While it is important to get conversions in the form of newsletter subscriptions, you may end up pushing your users away instead of getting them to sign up with your website. Make sure that you design your Lakeland website design signup requests in a more subtle manner.