When we begin designing the checkout process of our eCommerce site, we might be patterning it after some sites we have seen on the internet. You must remember that not all checkout processes are functional and easy for web purchasers. Many don’t utilize the important elements of a Lakeland website design, making the whole thing more complicated than it should be.

If you want to pattern your checkout process on other eCommerce sites, make sure that you are looking at the right websites such as Amazon’s or Macy’s or Walmart. These sites are well known for its easy and uncomplicated payment process. It attracts more customers and nurtures the merchant-purchaser relationship.

Show the shipping information before the checkout process begins

One of the many annoying things I personally find about the whole checkout process is the way these websites refuse to show the shipment fee before the signing up for an account begins. The whole idea is hinged on the fact that people would pay for the whole thing anyway just because they started the whole process of signing in for an account and providing their personal information. But because times are hard now and many people are trying to make ends meet, showing the shipment fee when they have already signed up for an account will simply annoy them and push them to abandon their carts. No one wants to pay more for the shipment rather than the item itself.

Ask for personal, delivery, and payment information on one page

The other thing that annoys me is the constant “turn to another page” technique that websites use. This is poor Lakeland website design. Why couldn’t eCommerce sites ask all information on one page? This will make it easier for those who are having trouble with their internet to sign up for an account in your site. It will also eliminate the need to click the “next” button again and again, unaware of where that page might be leading you. Streamlining the whole check-in process will give your customers more control.

Allow a visitor to purchase products “as a guest”

Sure, I understand all about wanting to have the email addresses of your guests so you can send them information about promos and discounts later on. What I don’t understand is the need to ask them to sign up for an account, making the whole process long and tedious. Why not simply ask for their email addresses, their delivery information, and the payment method they prefer? Allow a customer to sign in as a guest, and you will see the difference this will make on your clientele.