It might surprise you that even in an industry as advanced as Lakeland website design, there are still plenty of misconceptions and myths floating around. But on a certain level, it makes sense, since this is a very wide field, and it’s difficult to learn everything about it.

The best thing that we can do is educate ourselves, and avoid web design companies that purport these myths. While these misconceptions don’t fool professionals in the web design industry, there are some unsavory people out there who use clients’ ignorance to their advantage by insisting that because of these beliefs, they should spend more money on this, or not bother with this service.

This hurts the client because when a client hired a web design firm, they expect utmost professionalism and the best value for their money. If you’re considering hiring a professional web design firm for your design needs in the future, here are some myths that you should look out for.

All that matters is that it looks nice

This is a very common misconception that those who are new to the industry believe. While having a good looking website certainly makes a good impression, a fully functioning website should be your main target. Your website should be a good balance of visual appeal, as well as good functionality.

Because the client likes it, everyone else will

This is something that some first-time web design clients have to learn at some point. Some clients believe that as long as they personally like the web design, everybody else will, and it’s guaranteed to bring in conversions and revenues.

It’s important to learn early on that in the end of it all, it’s not your opinion that matters, it’s what your target audience thinks. If your design doesn’t appeal to them, then there’s really no point.

There’s no need to make it mobile-friendly

Some people think that implementing a mobile friendly website is too expensive, and doesn’t benefit them at all. It’s true that implementing a responsive web design that can adapt to mobile can be additional work, but it’s very important that you take the time to do this.

Mobile users make up more than half of online users, and your website should be designed to accommodate those users as well.

Cheap is better, they’re all the same in the end

Today, it’s possible to build your website from templates and DIY sites that allow you to build your websites without the help of a professional web designer.

However, these build it yourself websites are more limited compared to websites that are customized from the ground up, which makes it difficult for you change your site as your business grows and evolves. It’s better to invest in a custom website design, which you can adapt and change as time passes.