When website owners think that their businesses will survive without a website, that could be the biggest mistake they make as an entrepreneur. But if they also think that their Lakeland website design can survive with just the basics, then that’s a problem that they must deal with in the future, too. Myths and misconceptions about web design affect the way business owners invest in their websites.

Your Site Is Finished Once It Is Live

The longest living myth in the online world is when your website goes live, the work is done. This myth should be crushed since the beginning. Although you have put a lot of thought into the design, layout, performance, testing, functionality, and content of your website, the website still needs routine maintenance and upkeep. This means upgrading the website regularly—adding content, generating new leads, and tweaking minor elements. You have to keep it fresh to engage with your customers.

Your Site “Works” on Mobile

People can access your website on mobile devices, but not as a mobile website. It means they may have to adjust their screen settings when looking at your website. Or worse, they are closing their browser as soon as they arrive on your website. If there’s one thing you should have learned in the past couple of months, it’s that mobile websites rule the digital world. Without a mobile-friendly website, your business might as well not exist.

Being mobile-friendly means the Lakeland website design is responsive. You have to ensure all design elements and content are readable on different-sized screens—from desktops to laptops to tablets to mobile phones. You have to add alt-text to images and graphics. In case the image does not load correctly on the device, the users can still see what the image was supposed to be through a short description of it.

You Can Simply Redesign the Site Later

If you launch your site live now and then come back later to design it for accessibility, aren’t you wasting time? You are basically redesigning the site from the ground up. It doesn’t make sense considering that you will lose customers by the time you decide to make it accessible. Web visitors who visited your site when it is not designed for accessibility might never return to your website.

Start debunking these Lakeland website design myths because they hurt your site and business. Don’t believe what you hear on the internet. Instead, work with a competent web designer who knows what your site needs and who can give you the right piece of advice.