Your Lakeland website design project is a lot more nuanced than you would have initially expected. From a client and user perspective, it may seem like all you need to have a web design that works well is to make it visually appealing.

However, in order for a website design to succeed, there are other factors that need to be taken into account. One of these factors is your website’s SEO. Yes, you heard that right, your Lakeland website design can have an effect on your website’s SEO. To make sure that this is done properly, read on to learn about some web design mistakes that can end up hurting your website’s SEO strategy.

Not making your website mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendliness is one of the primary requirements of good modern website design. For older websites, this may seem like a bit of a drag to have to incorporate into your website design, but you have to understand that mobile technology is on the rise and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

This means that you have to be accommodating of mobile users by making your website mobile-friendly. This is something that is incorporated from the design portion of the project. Mobile-responsiveness refers to making your website design fully functional across all devices with no difficulty in adapting to the change in screen size. Search engines are more likely to rank a website higher on their pages if it was mobile-friendly.

Focusing too much on visual design

One of the worst things that you can do for your web design, not just for the SEO aspect of it, is to focus solely on the visual design of it. There are plenty of factors that go into a good website design, and visual design is only one of those factors.

You also have to take into account user experience, website responsiveness, and website navigation, to name a few. If a user has a good experience with your website, then this will reflect accordingly in your website metrics, which will affect your SEO ranking. The opposite is also true. If a user has a bad experience on your site, then it will show in your metrics, which can result in a poor rank.

Failing to incorporate SEO into your website design process

If you’re looking to incorporate SEO in your Lakeland website design, you have to understand that the best way to make sure that this is properly incorporated is by implementing it right from the design stage. All of your visual elements, navigation, and written content on your website should be created with the full intention of incorporating SEO into it.