Many websites are using site analytics to determine the success of their Lakeland website design. Because of its definite numbers and statistics, this is quickly becoming a tried and tested way of determining whether it’s time to make a change in your site, or keep it the way it is. However, with all of the jargon and technical terms involved with these tools, it can be very tempting to ignore these numbers and simply go on as you’ve always had. To give you some help with this, here is a short guide on which site metrics you shouldn’t ignore.
Bounce Rate
A bounce rate refers to the percentage of users that opt to click out of your site after landing on one page. If your website’s bounce rate is high, this indicates that a significant number of users who view your site are clicking out of your site after viewing only one page. This is not good for your website because this means that users do not stay on your website. To work on this, work with your exit page metric, which will be discussed later on, and find out which aspect of your website is driving away site visitors.
Keywords are important to your website because these help you understand how users find your website. Your website’s keywords help search engines and users understand the content of your website, and it can give you an idea of what users are looking for when they encounter your site.
If your site doesn’t have keywords related to your site’s content, then users who visit your site aren’t really looking for the content that your site is offering. However, the solution to this isn’t to stuff your website with keywords, as this is the fastest way to get your site penalized by search engines. Use quality keywords and content that will appeal to users.
Exit Pages
As mentioned before, exit pages can be used in relation to your bounce rate metric to determine why users may be bouncing out of your site. An exit page shows what percentage of users leave your website from a specific page. If a specific page has an unusually high exit rate, it is important that you look into this page and understand what element on this page may be contributing to site visitors choosing to leave your website.
However, it is important to take into account that there are specific pages that are supposed to have high exit rates. For example, logout and shop checkout pages are expected to have high exit rates because this is where a user experience is supposed to end. If a page’s exit rates don’t add up to expectations, you may have to look into your Lakeland website design and see what isn’t working out.