If you are having a hard time converting your customers or attracting more web visitors, there may be something wrong with your Lakeland website design. Certain elements on your web design may be too distracting for your customers, which cause them to miss out on the messages you are trying to impart.

If you think your website is having trouble converting or retaining visitors, you may need to take a look into the certain elements and aspects of the website that can affect the readability and the effectivity of the value of the information you have there.

Complicated animations

There was a time when animations were all the hit on the internet. Websites kept on using animations until the very last second they were relevant. They are not now unless you’re running a personal blog (which honestly doesn’t use animations these days, too). Most of your web visitors are accessing the internet through their tablets or mobile phones. They are using their data allowance to receive the information and message you are trying to send through your website. Wasting that data allowance, as well as their time waiting for the page to load, is not good for your business. Instead of using up all your bandwidth for animations, use them to provide information that can guide your customer to make a purchase decision.

Long and dragging content

We all love good content. We love finding out things for ourselves. We love receiving important information and using that to make an informed decision. What we don’t love, however, are 500-word articles that talk about a product or a service. We are looking to minimize the time clients spend reading a hard-sell article. We want their experiences to be seamless when browsing our websites and the only way to do that is not to bore them with long content. Instead, use short articles to “sell” your products and services.

Stocky website images

If you have any pride at all in your business, you will not use stock images for your Lakeland website design from the web to feature your products and services. Hire a professional photographer. Bring your products to the photo studio and have the photographer take hundreds of stunning photos of every angle of your products. This way, you will never have to use stock images ever again and annoy your customers because they could not see the true details of the products you are trying to sell.

Jargon or technical terms

Avoid big words that may confuse the web visitors. They never truly work. Some words to avoid are next-generation, flexible, robust, innovative, groundbreaking, etc. Too many web designers have used these words and they did not contribute to the success of the Lakeland website design at all.