When creating a new Lakeland website design, it’s important to keep a goal or objective in mind that will help create a clear cut idea of where your web designing is headed. One of the primary objectives of web design is user conversion, which means converting site visitors into customers. Now the question here is, how can you tell if your web design is succeeding in achieving that goal?

This is where Google Analytics can come in handy. For those unfamiliar with it, Google Analytics is a tool that helps you analyze your site’s traffic and visitors, and helps you draw conclusions on the behavior of your site visitors.

While this is a common tool for those who specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing, many fail to realize how this particular tool can be used in website design. You can use this data to help plan and strategize your web design.The Google Analytics data that you should pay attention to is bounce rate, conversion rate, engagement, and other metrics that deal with user interactions on your site.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users that have visited your site in proportion to how long they stayed and interacted with your site elements. If your bounce rate is high, then that indicates that people are visiting your site, but clicking out, or “bouncing out” of your site. Your primary objective with this data is to investigate which aspect of your site is causing visitors to bounce out of your site and fix that in order to bring down your bounce rate.

Conversion rate refers to the number of users who have interacted with your site and made a purchase or performed any type of action which is beneficial to the owner of the site. Conversion is the primary objective of any website, as this is one of the site’s main sources of revenue. With this data, you can strategize the placement of the call to action on your site which encourages users to perform the action that results in user conversion.

Engagement refers to the level of site interaction by your site visitors. This data includes the average amount of time that a user spends on your site pages, and the number and types of actions performed by your site visitors. If your site engagement is low, then that might indicate that your users are not interested in your site’s content. Your main goal is to entice your visitors into interacting with your site as much as possible. You can use this information to design your site in a way that it attracts visitors into interacting with your site elements.