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Lakeland Website Design: 5 Skills For Every Web Developer and Designer | Brightsky Web Design

The Lakeland website design industry has grown in the past five years. But never has it been as powerful as it is today when businesses left and right realized they need for well-designed websites. This means that the competition is also tough in terms of finding a job for a web designer or web developer. So, what can you do to separate yourself from all the others who offer the same services as you?

You need to learn a lot of extra skills to be unique in this industry. Here are the five skills that you must master:


HyperText Markup Language is one of the most important programming languages that web designers and web developers must know. It is the very foundation on how websites are built. If you only have time to learn one thing about designing and developing a website, learn about HTML. Knowing this language will give you more control over the website. Although you can use CMS, it is still important to know how HTML works.


Wherein HTML dictates the structure of the website, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are concerned about their visual appearance. For most designers and developers, learning HTML and CSS is both important because they dictate the structure and visual design of a website.

Design Sense

Having a design sense is particularly important for web designers. Designing a website is more than just about knowing what colors work together. However designer must be knowledgeable about design elements, basic design principles, typography, the right use of images, layout principles, and many more. A designer must also have an understanding of how web users will use the website so that they can design it according to such demands and needs.

Mobile Support

Each year, the number of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices is getting higher and higher. There is a staggering number of devices and screen sizes being used to access social media, websites, and online stores. While designing a website is still the primary job of a designer, anyone who wants to be successful in this field but also learning about website responsiveness. But mobile support goes beyond responsive websites. Web designers must also learn how to design mobile applications.


Knowing about SEO is useful for anyone who wants to be successful in building and designing websites. SEO is not just about using the proper keywords in the content. It’s about a site containing inbound links, has a good download speed and performance, and is mobile friendly. A web designer and a web developer will have a better chance of landing a Lakeland website design job if they know about SEO.