To say that a business needs a functioning website is an understatement. Besides, everyone knows that by now or those that don’t believe it have already perished and closed down their business. The fight is more than just about Lakeland web design. It has evolved into something more than that. This is a mobile-centric world where more people have mobile phones than they have laptops and desktop computers.

Since people are more on their phones than on their computers, businesses have started to look at mobile apps. Unfortunately, studies showed that only about 60% of businesses have mobile apps connected to the type of business that they run. If you are in the business of online selling, not having a dedicated mobile app can hurt your business.

Here are the reasons why apps could be more important than websites in the future:

Apps Are Faster Than Websites

The good thing about mobile apps is that data is stored locally on your phones. When an app is launched, this makes it easier to fetch data. But on mobile sites, data retrieval happens in the blink of an eye. Data will be fetched from the web servers and this takes a few seconds to a minute, depending on the network speed and the packet sizes.

Apps Allow Personalized Content

User-centric personalization is essential to the experience of those who use an app or visit a website. However, it is easier to personalize apps than it is to create a website that’s tailor-fit for a specific user. While an app can be personalized according to the language and the looks that a user wants, the same cannot be said for your Lakeland web design. An app can be personalized according to location, interests, culture, etc.

Apps Are Accessible Offline

Since the apps store their data locally, this makes it possible for users to access it even when they go offline. A website cannot do the same thing for you. Banking and retail apps can still be accessible even when you are not connected to the internet. Some apps can load news and games even when you go offline. That’s why some users prefer downloading apps rather than accessing mobile sites. This is especially true for banking apps.

Apps Can Use The Device’s Features

Unlike mobile sites, apps can use your device’s features such as the QR scan, the camera, the NFC for payments, GPS, accelerometer, gyro meter, and many more. These features can be utilized depending on the app where they are being used. Since we also now use fingerprint scanning for a more secure transaction, that has been integrated into banking apps as well.