Starting your own business is overwhelming. You have lots to take care of, including managing the marketing aspect of the business. One of the marketing methods you should never set aside in today’s world is your presence in the digital space. Your website will speak a lot about your business, so make sure that it uses the right Lakeland web design elements to be successful.

But really, what are these trends that you need to follow? How should you design your website according to the needs of your customers?

White Space

Forget about the websites of your childhood days. Forget about that Friendster page that seems to go on for days with animations, graphics, and glittery statements in bold letters. You are now in the age of clean and concise website layouts. No longer are graphics-heavy websites effective. What we, you, and everyone else want is for white space to be used smartly (even if we don’t know it yet). The effective use of white space makes the website easier to decipher. It’s easy on the eyes and this persuades people to stay and engage with the different elements of the site. Eventually, what we aim is for them to stay and purchase.

Loading Time

If your Lakeland web design isn’t capable of opening in under two to three seconds, forget about attracting web visitors. Rarely will people stay on a website that takes forever to load. So, how do you make sure your site can load faster even with the myriad of elements contained there? Optimizing the images to a smaller size, not using too much graphics, using YouTube to host videos and embed them to the site, and cleaning up the backend to make sure there’s no lag in the HTML requests.


Again and again, we’ll say this: if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are losing a lot of opportunities to grow. Your website needs to be responsive according to the device where it is being accessed from. If it’s from a desktop, then your site needs to respond to the screen resolutions of a desktop computer or a laptop. If it’s from a tablet or a smartphone, the site has to shrink down accordingly.

Call to Action

Your call-to-action button will tell customers what you want them to do with your site. You need to guide your customers according to what you want them to do. Without a CTA, they will be lost. They won’t know if they can buy from your site or your website is simply a portal for information about your company. Make the CTA button easily accessible and maybe even visible from the homepage in your Lakeland web design.