Lakeland web design is one of those fields that is not going to stop evolving anytime soon. Every year, you see huge changes in what’s hot and what’s not in web design. Because of its ever-changing nature, the professionals in this field, the web designers, are constantly on their toes to keep up with the rest of the field.

After all, in this industry, if you are constantly left behind, you risk falling into obscurity. The entire field revolves around the most recent everything — designs, development tools, etc. In addition to the demands of the industry itself, web designers are also subjected to the whims of the users themselves. They have to constantly change their designs to adapt to the needs and expectations of online users themselves.

Because of all of these, there are always new web design trends being put out every year. It helps to know about these in case you’re interested in implementing these into your web design. If you’re looking to redesign or create a whole new Lakeland web design from scratch, here are some new design trends that are really hot this year.


Typography is one of those design trends that really hit it off this year. By implementing it along with a minimalistic web design, it creates an atmosphere that evokes an emotion of urgency in the user, all while being visually striking. This is especially prominent in the context of a content first approach, which places emphasis on the importance of quality content on the site. Attractive typography urges users to follow their call to action, which is great for conversions.

Color scheme

Color schemes in web design is something that never stays still for too long. From textured designs, to the flat material design that we see a lot of nowadays, there is a significant jump from color scheme to color scheme. This year is no different. While the flat color design is still popular today, one of the most prominent trends in color schemes is the use of color gradients in design. This lends a more interesting and visually appealing tone to web designs, which is why plenty of websites use it today.


Minimalism seems to be the most prominent trend in Lakeland web design today. Users nowadays prefer web design that is simple and straight to the point. This is because we are currently living in an age where information is needed right at that very moment, and a minimalist web design makes it easier to create a website that provides exactly that.