Lakeland web designEvery designer wants one thing only: to be up to date with the latest trends in web designing. If a designer wants to be successful in this field, he has to update himself with the newest techniques and current trends about Lakeland web design. As this year is coming to an end, a slew of new web design trends are bound to arrive.


Web design is so dynamic that a trend you saw a year ago may become obsolete in a matter of six months. Fresh, modern, crisp, and clean… this is what most designers are aiming for when it comes to a web design.


Here are some of the trends in web design that we can expect this 2018:


Patterns, lines, circles, and geometric shapes


This trendy design first appeared in 2016 and continued until 2017. We can expect it to continue to prosper this 2018. Mixed forms of shapes with different sizes look unique on every web page created. Since flat design and material design are mostly combined to come up with a great web design, these decorative elements and simple shapes will help create a coherent website.


Bright colors


Bright colors will continue to be a trend we enjoy for web design. Instead of using flat colors, designers are now inclined to side with multi-colored gradients and transition ones. Aside from the main website background, logos, buttons, and other elements also use bright colors. However, it is important to note that bright colors differ from flashy colors.


Asymmetrical grids


The split screen design was a big trend in 2017, and we will continue to see a progression of this next year. Splitting the screen allows for the design to be unique on its own, and still come together to form one coherent message. For this concept to work, designers need to understand that the two screens should be balanced. One should not outweigh the other too much. Space and text elements will make this trend work.


Bottom sticky elements


Instead of ads, chat boxes, pop-ups, notifications, and navigational elements popping on top of the main website, we will see them instead from the bottom of the screen. This is an acceptable location for mobile users and tablet users as they found that it doesn’t hinder the main screen at all. The user will still be able to see the ad, the chat box, or the notification, but it is less intrusive, and it is not annoying at all.