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The Web Design Trends Of 2016 | Brightsky Web Design

Lakeland web designThe year 2016 is fast drawing to a close, and with it comes the inevitable: the end of trends. Lakeland web design is no stranger to trends. We have seen a host of these trends come and go the past years, so let’s take a stock of what we have noticed this year.Clean and white space

This year, web designs are all about white space and clean designs. More and more brands are interested to see their products being promoted in a website that has a less cluttered design. Gone are the days of too much graphics and animation. Clean space was 2016’s trend.

Instead of seeing white spaces as “empty,” web designers and users are now looking at it as a valuable components for easy digesting of the web content. Since the website is less cluttered with white space, visitors found it easier to understand the message. Also, clean designs are easier optimized for mobile devices.


Five years ago, web designers frown upon the use of motion and movement in Lakeland web design. It’s easy to see why. The code used to create these motions make the loading time of the website slower. But that’s all gone now, thanks to the ability of the HTML5 and JQuery to simply add subtle motion that can make a website more interesting.

Shortened messaging

One of the most important trends that appeared in 2016 (and will probably be retained for the next years) is the shortened messaging. Businesses now understand they don’t need to drown the visitors with dragging content and too much details. As long as the product is interesting, a short message is enough to sell it. Now, your website has to capture the people’s attention quickly through a short message. Companies need to make short messaging the centerpiece of their web design.

Custom media

For years, websites have been using stock photos in their Lakeland web design. This year, custom photos and videos seem to be a prevailing trend that has largely benefited companies. The return of investment when using custom media is high, studies have shown. Custom media show the effort you put in promoting your business. Because websites cannot simply be all words, media make it more interesting and entertaining. It wraps the message all together and contributes to reaching a one common goal–to sell.

Some of these trends will surely be gone by 2016, but retaining the important ones–customized media and shortened messaging–will allow web designs to flourish.