Your Lakeland web design is meant to fill a lot of needs for your business. On one side, your website’s design is supposed to represent your business in the online world, so when customers visit your website, they should get all of the information that they’re looking for about your business there. 

However, the use for your web design does not end there. When designed properly, your website can also act as the central hub for all of your online marketing needs, which allows you to expand your reach to a wider audience. Keep in mind that you can use other online tools to supplement the primary tool that is your professional website. 

One of these is landing pages, which are single-page sites that are designed to do one thing: boost conversions. However, these aren’t as straightforward as their concept makes them out to be, as it can be easy to mess these up. Learn about some of the most common issues with landing pages and how you can fix them. 

Mismanagement of user’s expectations

Keep in mind that your landing page has a single-minded purpose, which is to boost conversions. This means that your entire landing page is only supposed to send out one message. When users visit a landing page, it is usually with this expectation in mind. 

Because of this, you need to make sure that the message on your landing page is loud and clear, because if there is a mismanagement of users’ expectations on your landing page, they will not be interested in proceeding with the conversion process. 

Bad UI/UX design

Like any other Lakeland web design, your landing page will be judged on a superficial level right from the get-go. If your page has poor visual design and a bad user experience, then your users will not bother with the rest of it. Make sure to keep your site’s UI/UX design in mind when planning out your landing page to guarantee a smooth and seamless browsing experience. 

Confusing site copy

Since your landing page is designed to convince users to do one specific thing, you need to make sure that your site copy gets that message across clearly. Confusing website copy will only confuse your users, which makes it easy for them to leave. Invest in professional website copy in order to maximize your landing page’s conversions. 

Technical issues

Of course, any basic technical issues like broken links and slow loading images are enough to put off the average user. Make sure to test out your landing page before you launch it to avoid these issues.