It is not a requirement for web designers to know how to code. If anything, this takes away their focus from the more important things, which are the design elements of a website. A web designer is knowledgeable on what works on a Lakeland web design, but it is not necessary for a web designer to know how to build a website from scratch.

But if the web designer does know how to code, then that makes his work superficial. Someone who knows design and code can never go wrong with how these elements are supposed to appear on the screen. The question of whether to require designer to know code or not is something that has been heavily debated upon in the Lakeland web design community. There are various opinions coming from different perspectives.

While it is not necessary, it does help if the web designer has a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. This knowledge gives them the information they need to understand how their designs come to life on the web. They will also better understand the limitations of what can be integrated on every website.

But, Is It Unnecessary?

There are plenty of web designers today and in the future who do not know code. But that doesn’t make them bad designers. There are many great and successful web designers who never learned how to develop and build a site from scratch.

There’s a difference between believing that a web designer should know a bit about code and whether it is a requirement for designers to understand HTML and CSS. It is to the interest of the web designer to know how to code, though. There are a lot of things people do that are not necessary. For web designers, that should be how to code. Even if a web designer doesn’t want to build his own design, it would help for him to know how to write it.

Web designers who know how to code can understand the medium better and what work better in that medium. They are also easier to work with. Developers can talk to them in the lingo that they share. Designers who know how to code make less mistakes. This makes the process of building the website seamless. They can also better communicate with the web developers and other members of the Lakeland web design team.