For any business venturing out into investing in a Lakeland web design, the main goal will always be to create the best possible website design that helps the business achieve the goals that it’s set out for itself. However, in order to accomplish that, you need to recognize that there will be times when you will run into certain design practices that do nothing for your website design or the goals for it. In fact, if you push it, you may end up hurting your website design. To make sure that your website succeeds, here are some Lakeland web design practices that will do nothing for your website.

Constant popups

A common fault with many website designs is the use of constant popups littered throughout the website design. When designed properly, popups are great for boosting conversions and enhancing online marketing strategies. However, if done poorly, they become a source of annoyance for online users and a significant source of bounce rates for a website. As much as possible, you should be designing your popups to show up only at the bottom of your page to get the maximum benefit of the conversion without annoying your users.

Poor color choice

Color choice is a very important part of effective website design, as it’s one of the very first things your users will see when they open your website. If your color choices aren’t working, it will definitely show, which can put users off going through your website. Take the time to learn about color theory and how it can affect your website design so that you can learn how to choose the right colors for your website’s design.

Bad implementation of background video

There is an ongoing argument about the effectivity of background videos in a website’s design. Some people condemn it, while others will praise its effectivity to the skies. The reality is that when done properly, a background video can be very effective. However, when implemented poorly, then you’re going to have bad results from this. Learn the rules of good background video implementation if you want to get the full benefit of this.

Boring visual elements

Of course, visuals will always be one of the most important parts of any Lakeland web design, so if you end up creating visual elements that are not visually appealing, then it will be hard for users to want to stay on your website. Make sure to take the time to create good website elements for your website.