Lakeland web designAre you spending thousands of dollars maintaining your Lakeland web design but you’re not receiving the response you’re expecting? It feels like you’re just throwing away the dollars, right? What could be wrong with what you’re doing when you already employed a professional web designer?Web design is all about communication. You have to be able to communicate your message to the clients through content, photos, videos, and other website elements. Failure to do so would result to your website receiving low traffic or low response to your call of action.

Here are some elements that could be affecting the success of your website:

Cluttered homepage

A cluttered homepage slows down the loading of the website, which can lead the visitor to just leave it be and go to another one. Do you want to wait for a website to load? No one wants that, right? It’s completely understandable if visitors would leave your site if the homepage is taking a long time to load.

Crowded layout

Your pages need to be clean and uncluttered. Your visitors need to be able to click on the links without having to search for it or mistake another link for it. You need to keep this clean and consistent look all throughout the different web pages you have in the site. It’s okay to have some variations, of course, but the primary design element should be the same.

Heavy content

Long paragraphs will push away visitors. You have to put photos or graphics in the middle of these paragraphs, so that it can be more visually appealing. Readers want information that they can scan quickly. If there is too much text, they might be bored and decide to move on. You can use a variety of tricks—call-outs, quotes, dropcaps, columns, etc.

Missing call to action

Your visitors need to know what to do after absorbing all the information from your website. Do they call a specific number? Do they click on a link? Do they have to call for schedule? Are the products/services readily available? If you have no call to action, there’s a good chance that visitors may be browsing through your website, but they are not doing anything about what they saw.

Unresponsive design

Everyone’s on smartphones and tablets now. We rarely used laptops and personal computers to check our emails and other stuff. That means all these websites must have a responsive Lakeland web design that is suitable for smartphones, tablets, etc.