There are plenty of important factors that go into a successful Lakeland web design. Many people tend to overlook these factors in favor of visual design, which tends to negatively affect the outcome of your site’s metrics. One major thing that website owners overlook is the proper application of good user engagement on their websites.

This is problematic because if users are unable to properly engage on your website, then they will not be interested in looking through the rest of your website. To make sure that this is properly implemented, learn to avoid these Lakeland web design issues that will hurt your user engagement.

Disregarding mobile users

Mobile users should be your priority when you’re planning out your website design. Some website owners are too wrapped up in trying to make their website look good that they forget about the browsing habits of online users, which can hurt their site’s metrics.

You should always keep mobile users in mind because they make up a majority of online users. If you alienate these users, then you are missing out on a large potential audience that could have done a lot for your site’s metrics.

Slow-loading pages

Online users are exceedingly impatient nowadays because of the numerous options that the internet now provides for them. Because of this, one of the small, but essential ways that you can keep up is by boosting the load speed of your website pages.

Users don’t like waiting for more than a few seconds for a website to load, so you have to trim the fat on your website, so to speak. Reduce image sizes and compress them as much as you can without compromising the quality of the images.


It can be hard for online users to trust websites nowadays because of how easy it can be to get a user’s information online. Because of this, any kind of inconsistency displayed by a business is immediately subject to mistrust and scrutiny and should be fixed immediately. Make sure that your brand’s consistency is maintained so you don’t lose any customers.

Ignoring your target audience

When you start putting your Lakeland web design together, one of the worst things that you can do is completely ignore your target audience. Doing so will make you miss out on so many conversions, which is bad business sense. Before anything else, you have to learn what you can about your target audience so that you can tailor your website design and content to their needs and expectations.