Before you can plan the Lakeland web design, you need to revisit the client’s existing site and review the content and design elements used there. This will give you a pretty good picture of what needs to be prioritized and what can be readjusted to fit current trends and SEO keywords.

If the client has an existing website, you need to make an audit of the existing content. Unless the content has been specifically written and created with SEO in mind, you’ll have a hard time refocusing them. But you can’t leave this content behind since it will not draw a positive reaction from search engines such as Google and Bing. Every element of your website—from the header down to the footer—should contribute to improving the site’s SEO. If it does not, it should be rewritten, updated, republished, or removed altogether.

There is no middle ground for content that does not contribute to a site’s SEO-friendliness. It is your job as the web designer and developer to guide your clients into creating an SEO strategy that will bring customers to the website.

Review Existing Web Content

But it’s not just the blog posts that you need to review. You should take a look at the media published on the site. Are the images made up of stock photos? Are the videos optimized for search engines? Is the backend clean? The photos and videos will only contribute to the SEO-friendliness of a website if they are optimized for Google and Bing. This means that their meta description, meta title, tags, and alternative texts should include the appropriate keywords.

Check Non-web Content

Sure, the website may be brand-focused, but what about the non-web marketing materials such as the brochures, letterheads, business cards, flyers, posters, etc.? These are all essential to improving the branding of a website or business. These need improvement, too. Make sure that the branding of both the web and non-web content is consistent.

Hire Content Writers

As a web designer, you understand the SEO needs of a website, but it takes another special skill to create SEO content for a website. You can offer to hire content writers on behalf of your clients. These content writers will be tasked to come up with well-curated content that will draw the attention of potential clients to the blog posts. They must also produce images and videos that will improve the SEO standing of the website.

Setting Deadlines

A timeframe should be put in place so that everyone has a deadline to meet. Content writers should come up with the blog posts a week before the site goes live. This will allow the editors to look into the copies, edit them for clarity, and check the right usage of the keywords. As for the developer of the Lakeland web design, the full site should be operational and glitch-free at least two days before the schedule.