Landing pages have been used as a way to get more traffic to your website for the sole purpose of converting. In fact, that is the landing page’s main purpose: to convert. However, it takes quite a bit of Lakeland web design work to make sure that you get landing pages that actually convert. It isn’t enough for you to just have a landing page, you need to design it properly in order for it to do the job that you need it to do. To help you out, here are some Lakeland web design tips that you can use to create landing pages that convert.

What do you hope to achieve with this?

Like with any web design project, one of the very first things that you’re going to need when putting together a landing page is to define what you hope to achieve with your landing page. What is your main goal for your landing page? Determining these at the beginning of the project allows you to plan out the direction that you need to take for your landing page project.

Who is your target audience?

In addition to determining what your goals for your landing page are, you also need to determine who your target audience is. Different audiences will require different focuses on your landing page as a whole, which will affect how you approach the design of your landing page. Make sure that you determine your target audience ahead of time and plan for it accordingly.

Let users know what your site is about right away

When it comes to designing your landing page, you have to remember that your entire landing page is designed with the sole intent to convert any users who visit your page. You should also know that users make their minds up about a website within a few seconds of visiting it. With landing pages, you don’t have much time, so let users know what your site or page is about as soon as they visit your landing page with your Lakeland web design.

Use great copy

Since your landing page is designed to convert, you have to guide your user to that by using great copywriting. Don’t make it overly complicated and use simple, direct language to help users reach the conversion point of your landing page.

Don’t forget the call-to-action

Of course, no landing page will be complete without any call-to-action buttons. Never forget these as these buttons are what help compel users to convert. Use simple copy for these buttons and make sure that they can be easily seen by the user by making use of bright, eye-catching colors.