colleen burton website

When candidate for Florida State Representative District 40 Colleen Burton contacted us to discuss a website dedicated to her upcoming campaign we were excited to say the least.

Last year we were hired by the Florida Association of Wholesale Distributors to redesign their website and they referred Colleen Burton to us. What an honor it is when customers refer new customers to us, says a lot about the quality work we do and we’re so thankful for customers like these.

As this was a new website build we had a few design meetings with Colleen and members of her team. Once we had a feel for what they were looking for and the site elements needed to get the message out we went to work.

As a well respected Lakeland Web Design firm based in Lakeland, Florida we consider the upfront consultation meetings to be highly critical to the overall success of any website design project. In addition to the design elements there are many “code level” considerations that BrightSky Web Design excels in that most others overlook or don’t even understand. It’s in this code level that all the SEO magic takes place that gets Search Engines’ attention and helps greatly with the page placement of your website.

So please visit to see this project and to find out more about Colleen Burton’s campaign.

If your company or organization is looking to improve a poor ranking, non-producing website or are in need of a new website we ask that you give BrightSky Web Design a solid look and set up a free consultation to cover your internet needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.