Lakeland web designWhen you hear of a new product or a new service in Lakeland, what is the first thing you do? In today’s smartphone age, we have access to virtually unlimited information with just a few taps on our phones. When we want to find out about a certain product or a specific service, we immediately go to its Lakeland web design.

Websites play a very vital role in the image of the brand, and the perception of your target audience or potential clients to it. A research by Missouri University of Science and Technology, in fact, found out that it takes less than a second for an online visitor to make an opinion about your website.

This only means that your website–its design, layout, user-friendliness–speaks volumes in attracting a customer to buy a product or service from your website, or in pushing them away to find alternatives.

With less than a second to make an impression, you need to remember the following factors in your website that affects your brand:

Your Lakeland website design should be user-friendly

Do you know why Nokia was such a big hit back in the 1990s? Aside from the fact it almost single-handedly popularized text messaging, colored backlights and trendy phone cases, it was also one of the most user-friendly phones in the market.

Your website should be easy to navigate, organized and flexible in terms of devices (it should have a desktop and mobile versions). One of the things we hate most about a Lakeland website design is our inability to see the information there because they are lost in the hundreds of advertisements and banners that clog your site.

Make your website neat and well-laid out. It should be clear to the online visitor what to click on when he/she wants to know about your products/services, rates, contact information, etc. The visitor shouldn’t need a map to navigate your website. Be direct, concise and convenient.

The website must target a specific audience

Attempting to build a website that appeals to the more than two billion Internet users is a disaster. There is no way a single site can attract all people from varied backgrounds, social classes, lifestyles, cultures, race, etc. Feeling the need to do so will only affect your brand negatively.

Instead, know your audience (those who share your brand’s interests and values) and create a website that will cater and appeal to them. If your brand is about coffee, your audience might be college students, artists and young urbanites. To attract these clients, build a hip and funky website, one that will follow the this young generation’s trends.

The website must have character

If your store boasts of its quirky interiors, your website should also reflect that. Don’t let your website be dull and formal when your store is all about fun and funk.

Even if your business deals with serious stuff, like a real estate company, your Lakeland website need not be superficial by using industry jargons. Let your online visitors hear your voice through the banners, photos, information and language you’ll be using on your site.

Allow your website to be visually appealing–the same way you designed your office or boutique or store–to be attractive to your face-to-face customers.

The website should be updated regularly

There is nothing more irritating for an online visitor than seeing an outdated website. We visit websites for a purpose–to seek information. If you want to attract clients to your business, the best way to keep your website updated is to have a blog page, where you can talk about things related to your products or services.

Keeping your blogs refreshed is another challenge, but you shouldn’t even scrimp on updating your posts because this is where you can build up your business by developing trust, sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas with your consumers.

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