What could you possibly be doing wrong that your online store is not attracting as many audiences as you intend? Take a look at your Lakeland web design. Compare it with the other online stores in the same niche. Most of the time, the problem lies in your checkout process. If your checkout process is making it hard for your customers to pay for their purchases, they will not likely recommend your website to their network. You will also fail to attract them to become loyal and returning customers.

Highlight Important Points of Your Terms and Conditions

Most websites will publish a long list of terms and conditions that will leave the customers checking “agree” without even reading it. A good website and Lakeland web design would highlight the important points of the terms and conditions. The customers need to know your return and cancellation policy so that they can make the appropriate arrangements if and when they need to cancel the order or exchange the product.

Allow For Guest Checkout

Stop asking your customers to sign up for a membership on your website. Instead, give them the option of checking out their purchases through a guest check out. Not all customers want receiving newsletters and promotions from the websites that they follow and purchase from. Respect that. Give them the option of paying for their items without needing to leave their email addresses so that you can use it for your marketing purposes.

Of course, you can always offer a discount or coupons when they do sign up for a membership. You can also attract them with rewards points every time they purchase through your online store.

Offer Free Shipping or Shipping Calculation Early In The Checkout Process

If you can partner with a shipping carrier, you will be able to offer your customers free shipping for items they want to be delivered to their homes. Of course, you can set a minimum amount of purchase before offering free shipping.

But early on the checkout process, try to offer the computation of the shipping fee, so that they will have the option of going through the checkout process or adding more items to their cart if they have not reached the minimum amount of free shipping. It is also nice for them to know what their options are in terms of the shipping schedule. You can offer to expressly ship the items for an additional fee.

Provide Different Payment Methods

Offer different payment methods for your customers. Allow for the use of debit and credit cards, PayPal, and even bitcoins. The more payment options you have, the more customers will be attracted to purchase from your store.