Lakeland Web

We received a great call from a customer who is looking for a Lakeland web company.

As I spoke to the gentleman he clarified he was looking for a someone to design a new website for his business and he’s based in Central Florida, actually in Lakeland, the city where we’re headquartered and he was very excited and eager to discuss his project.

He proceeded to tell me that he had worked with other web design firms in the past with mixed results, and that he was looking for a fresh start and had heard great things about BrightSky Web Design.

We told him that we were eager to hear his story, and that upfront he needed to know that we don’t take on every project unless it’s one that we are equally excited about and are 100% confident that we can achieve and exceed his goals and plans for this new website.

He already knew that we were a nationwide firm, that we work with businesses of all sizes throughout the United States of America, but when he discovered that we were based in Lakeland he was ecstatic.

It really doesn’t matter to us were customers are located as all of our work and interactions, at least most of it, is over the Internet, telephone, email, video conference calls, but it sure is a great treat to meet face-to-face with a fellow Lakeland web customer and work on a project. We sure excited about taking this one on and will keep you up-to-date with the progress, and look forward to revealing the final product soon.

If BrightSky Web Design can ever be of service to you, your business, your church, civic organization, please give us a call as we are always available and look forward to hearing your story, your plans, your dreams and if we can help you accomplish your goals and dreams we’d love to be a part of it, thank you.

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