When you look at the keywords being searched for on Google right now, you would not be surprised that a lot of them have to do with the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it’s a search about the symptoms or what to do if they have symptoms or where to take a vacation during the pandemic, the situation has impacted all industries and people from all walks of life. Even Lakeland SEO isn’t immune to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. There are new and emerging trends in search engine optimization that can spell disaster or success depending on how well businesses respond.

Anything related to Covid-19 is dominating the search engine. More questions are being asked. Web users are more concerned about their health, fitness, and lifestyles than ever before. Topics that were never encountered before are suddenly important right now. Mental health is a huge search engine topic right now.

As a business, how do you respond to these activities that could impact your Lakeland SEO? How do you adjust the parameters of your marketing strategies?

Review Search Terms

There are new search terms, which means there are new volumes, too, related to these searches. You need to understand what these new search terms are and how you can use them to your advantage. Can you realign your keywords to these terms? Is it possible to incorporate these terms into your marketing campaign? Reviewing search terms regularly will help you understand what sort of traffic you are getting. It will show you what terms are more likely to succeed.

Flushing Bad Keywords

The Covid-19 brought with it a lot of bad and negative keywords. Make sure that you are adding the right negative keywords to your ad campaigns. Because people are consuming more information about these keywords, it will help to bring these into your campaigns as well. However, make sure to balance these out with more appropriate and positive keywords. While negative keywords do bring in some traffic, you could be discriminating against some customers with the use of negative keywords. Strike a balance with your keywords.

Should You Ignore Covid-19?

The question looms on everyone’s head: should we ignore Covid-19 if it has nothing to do with our businesses? Entrepreneurs differ in their take on this. Some think that businessmen should address the situation once then never do it again. Some think that it shows compassion and empathy to recognize the impact of the coronavirus.

As for your Lakeland SEO, the Covid-19 will change many things in the future. Be on your toes. You may or may not regularly address the pandemic, but make sure your market knows how it is impacting your production and delivery.