We’re sure you want to increase your ranking on search engine results. But it’s getting increasingly hard to do that since there are a lot of competitors that seem to be churning out one good Lakeland SEO article after another. How can they do that, huh? Well, it takes work to produce a well-researched and well-written article. Aside from that fact, they could also be doing something so simple it will infuriate you to have never done it before: they’re updating their old blog posts.

It’s the perfect strategy. You don’t have to create new blog posts. That’s infuriating and challenging and a lot of hard work. You can still skyrocket those rankings by simply updating older blog posts. You can go back as far as you want. These blog posts are still appearing on the web. They are still part of your page’s index. Google can still tag them and rank them, so why should they be treated any differently? Why should they not do the work of ranking your web page?

Remember that algorithms for Lakeland SEO change every few minutes or so. It’s hard to keep up with the changes but what’s true is that there are fundamentals to these algorithms. You just need to update your old blog posts the way you’re writing new ones now.

Improve Click-through Rate

Search for any keyword on Google. Notice that the results are those that were published today from a year ago? You’ll hardly find results that were published 10 or more years ago, unless the query was super technical. This is because Google loves updated web content. It believes that web content from 10 years ago may no longer be relevant, so it delegates those to the second page and beyond. Updating your older posts will put them in real-time, so Google can index them at present.

Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Admit it, your older posts make you cringe. Was that really you who wrote that post a year ago? Were you that bed in spelling or grammar? Updating old blog posts will allow you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes that might make your blog look unprofessional. Although spelling and grammar aren’t one of Google’s 200 ranking factors, they’re still worth considering. Poor grammar and spelling can negatively impact the user’s experience.

Demonstrate Fresh Content

Google loves fresh content. That’s why web managers are always looking for a way to update their sites regularly. But when this isn’t always possible, look for older blog posts that you can update for Lakeland SEO. This will demonstrate to Google that there’s fresh content on your page. You will see a boost in web traffic and a massive spike in views and visits.