SEO specialists have a lot to do by May 2021. Google is scheduled to update its algorithm to take into account the users’ experience on the website. One of these most important measures is the page experience signals. Technically, Google will now decide which pages provide the best user experience. From loading speeds to mobile-friendliness, this algorithm will change Lakeland SEO as we know it. How can your website cope?

What Is Page Experience?

Page experience refers to the way visitors feel when they interact with the site. This experience is attributed to several factors such as safe browsing, HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, and others. Although these were already ranking factors in the past, Google is going to institutionalize it in the coming months and it is set to be launched by May 2021.

So, how can the search engine factor in page experience when web users browse a site? They will look at metrics such as the loading speed of the web pages. Web users want pages to load in as fast as three seconds. Any longer than this will affect their overall site experience. This is the biggest factor that affects a user’s experience of the web page.

The second factor is interactivity. This refers to user engagement on the website. What does the user first see upon opening the page? Does it allow for engagement and interactivity? Is there a delay in the information the web user receives? The third factor is visual stability or cumulative layout shift. This is pretty complex and will most likely depend on the web designer and web developer. Simply put, your visuals should be stable enough that it doesn’t annoy web users.

What does stability mean in web design? Imagine a design element shifting and moving as the web users scroll. When the web user wants to click on that button, he finds it hard to do so because it jumps around whenever the user gets close to it. This is evidently a bad user experience. In the context of page experience signals, this is going to tell the algorithm that the web users are having a hard time with that particular page. Google then will remove that page from the index.

Your website needs to be ready for all these drastic changes that are about to come in 2021. Make sure your Lakeland SEO specialist has the knowledge to help your business keep up with the changes.