Getting a hashtag to trend… now, isn’t that a dream for every business. Whether good or bad, you somehow want to be on the top 20 trending list on Twitter. That will “make” your business. And even if the trend was done to malign your company, a good enough strategy can turn things around. That and the smart use of Lakeland SEO. But, how can you make a hashtag trend on Twitter. Is there a way around its complications?

Create a Relatable Topic

Nowadays, the only way you can get a hashtag to trend is for that person or company to do something scandalous. Unless you have a large fanbase working to make you trend on Twitter (kind of like what k-pop fans do for their idols), you’re going to find it hard to make your brand name relevant. Luckily, you can find a way around this. You can think of a relatable topic that will encourage people to join in. They should also want to share the topic with their network.

Team Up With Influencers

Aside from content, distribution is another important component of making a hashtag trend. Many people have the skills to come up with entertaining and relatable topics. However, the problem lies in distributing these and getting the message out there. What you can do is identify the social media influencers who can help your hashtag go to the top of the trending list. Once an influencer decides to use the same hashtag, you’ll see his/her legions of followers creating posts with your hashtag.

Set the Timing

Even with influencers as your partners, you may have a hard time making a hashtag trend if it’s not the right time. Consider the topic and the timing of the posts. Weekdays, during work hours, are actually the best time to make a hashtag trend. People are looking for ways to destress from the rigors of the office, so they usually check their social media feed around lunchtime and just before work hours end. Try not to make anything trend on weekends at night since people are busy socializing in real life.

These methods worked five years ago. They will still work today in terms of improving your Lakeland SEO and your chances of trending on social media. Influencer marketing is bigger now than they were five years ago. Certainly, these influencers can help bring your brand to your target market’s consciousness.