People just can’t get enough of voice search. It all started with the integration of voice search into smartphones. It’s so easy to use it that people become so dependent on it. They use it to find restaurants, gas stations, routes, and so many more. With this integration of voice search into every facet of our lives, we should also work to create the kind of content that will meet these demands and standards. So, how do you use your website’s Lakeland SEO for voice search ranking?

Aim for Local Listings

When you search for anything using voice search, you will most probably see results based on local listings. These are the businesses with listings on Google My Business. The algorithm that voice search uses is programmed to prioritize those in the GMB. People are using voice search for its “near me” function. They look for restaurants, gyms, theaters, gas stations, and public restrooms “near me.” Voice search locates these places for them based on local listings.

Rank for Rich Snippets or Position Zero

Rich snippets or featured snippets or position zero refers to the search results that Google places in a box above the main results. This is what voice search wants. The idea for voice search is to come up with the best and most relevant search result on the internet. Rich snippets give that to them. It can be as short as a paragraph or a listicle. The point is that your content should be informative enough that it will reach position zero and be the preferred search result of voice searches.

Use Conversational Queries

Searching using voice search is vastly different from textual search. Remember that voice search is very different from a text search. You cannot use keywords as you would normally do on a textual search. Voice search loves question keywords, so make sure your content uses question phrases and sentences that start with who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Since people are using their voice to search, the way they search for information is also conversational. They use natural language. They use complete sentences such as where to go for dinner near me? Words like to, is, are, a, an, and the are often eliminated in textual queries. With voice search, optimizing keywords in your content means using complete sentences and phrases.

There are more changes to come in Lakeland SEO but for now, it is best to focus on voice search.