Do you own an e-commerce site? Do you find it difficult to rank higher on Google’s search index? Are you having trouble with your Lakeland SEO? Facing challenges when it comes to web ranking is normal and even, to some degree, expected when managing an e-commerce website.

With hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites online, it is no surprise that the effort to stay afloat and remain relevant has become a challenge for many.

Writing the product description

Whether you own a small or a big e-commerce site, writing product descriptions seem to be a problem for many. You need to provide a strong product description for all products on your site.

According to reports, in order to rank on Google’s first-page search results, a description needs at least 1,890 words. Imagine writing that many words on every product description. Generally, e-commerce websites have automated content for thousands of products. The problem is this creates bad Lakeland SEO and provides no value to the reader.

Low-quality content

Content is the main ingredient that helps websites, e-commerce sites, blogs, etc. reach their target audience. But Google is not satisfied with simply stringing words together. They want relevant content. They want important information for the readers to digest.

The need for high-quality content has risen significantly in the past couple of years and no longer are websites filling up their content with keywords that mean nothing to the article. Each keyword should be worked carefully into the blog post so that they remain relevant.

Loading speed

One of the reasons why potential clients may abandon a website or their cart is because of slow loading speed. If you’re running an e-commerce site, you should never neglect the time it takes for someone to browse through your products and pay for their purchases.

Again, slow loading speed negates Lakeland SEO. Make every second count by ensuring your webpage will load in under two seconds; that’s just the amount of time most people are willing to wait for a page to load.


SSL is part and parcel of Lakeland SEO. It not only secures the content shared between the user and the website, but it also improves the SEO in the eyes of Google. Websites with low-level security is a big no-no for Google and you will rarely find these kinds of websites on their first-page results, which is what you should be aiming for.