This year is almost over. With the horridness of 2020 behind us, it is time to look forward to the Lakeland SEO trends in 2021 and beyond. Next year, we will finally see how the world looks like with its new norm. That being said, search engine optimization (SEO) will still be an important component of how we attract consumers to our business. In fact, it might be the biggest thing that matters to industries.

As you saw this year, people are staying home and spending time on the internet more. They are hooked to their social media sites. This holiday season, we will probably see more online retail than we have ever seen before. What’s worth noticing is the statistics that encapsulate the importance of SEO. According to studies, 70% to 80% of users are drawn to organic results and will ignore paid listings on the search engine results page. Some 28% of those will eventually convert.

So, what are we waiting for in 2021?

AI Will Play a Larger Role

It cannot be emphasized enough that artificial intelligence or the use of bots will be the biggest change in SEO. We are already seeing it with the chatbots businesses use on their messaging platforms. They will become more intelligent in the future as they learn from natural language and the users’ activities on the page.

Voice Search Is Getting Bigger

Voice search technology has certainly come a long way. By 2022, experts predict that about 55% of American households will own a smart speaker. But to optimize your content for keywords is way harder than it is to optimize it for text queries. You have to use longer phrases that people use in everyday conversations. Some voice search results will also only come up with one or two search results for every query.

Mobile-friendliness Is Going to Be Even Bigger

In 2019, Google decided that it will index websites that are mobile-friendly first. It was the first time that a search engine has done this, and it paved the way for web designers and developers to create a website first and foremost with mobile-friendliness in mind. Next year, mobile-friendly websites are bound to get bigger as 73% of internet users are expected to access the internet solely via mobile devices. This will become even bigger as 2025 draws near.

Content Is Going to Remain the King

Content is king 10 years ago. It’s going to be the most important component of Lakeland SEO in 2021 and beyond. In fact, Google said that it will continue to rank websites based on the EAT principle. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These factors will help determine if a website has quality and useful content.