Understanding Lakeland SEO and geo-modified keywords are essential in the growth of your business. Think about your activities on Google. How do you use Google to find a restaurant near you? If you live in Oakland, you are going to type “Oakland restaurants.” If you live in Lakeland, you’re going to type “Lakeland diners.” You get the drift, right?

Some are too lazy to type where they are that they use this key phrase: “restaurants near me.” Both are actually okay although having that location in the keyword is important for improving your website’s Lakeland SEO.

Owning a local business means competing with local businesses, too. And while that sounds easy, it is actually not. Competing with local businesses is all the more difficult because you’re also fighting against loyalties and traditions. If you’re new in the business scene, how are you going to compete with a diner that has been there for 50 years? If you’re a medical practitioner, how are you going to “steal” patients from another doctor who has been practicing there for 30 years?

You do it by using geo-modified keywords. Ever since Google rolled out a slew of new algorithm back in 2011, the changes have put the power back to local businesses. This means that when you search for a business or a topic, Google will show results based on your location rather than the general results for that keyword.

If you are not using your location as part of your keyword, you are missing out on a lot of those Google search results. When you start to modify the keywords you use in your blog posts, the formula should be like this: keyword + location. So if you are a pediatrician in Lakeland, your geo-modified keyword will be “pediatrician Lakeland.”

You will better achieve ROI (return on investment) using geo-modified keywords. Instead of wasting your money, time, and energy on creating Lakeland SEO strategies that, at best, can bring your website to the bottom page of Google’s first-page search results, why not refocus your plan to geographic-specific keywords?

That is not to say that you should not try to market outside your specific area. You can do that, too, but geo-modified keywords should be the priority because your products and services are more accessible to your local market. Therefore, they are your likely customers and potential loyal clients. Create a keyword planner to distribute the use of the proper keywords throughout your website and through the weekly schedule.