Social media is undoubtedly the biggest online platform for any online marketing strategy to use. However, with this being at the front and center of your online marketing, what exactly does this mean for your other online marketing tools, like Lakeland SEO? It’s important to understand that platforms like social media can play a role in the outcome of your other online marketing strategies, as long as you know how to play your cards right.

Even something as old as Lakeland SEO can benefit from a well-executed social media marketing strategy. The key here is to recognize how you can link the two strategies. You can look into the website metrics to determine how well your social media marketing is holding up against your SEO. Learn about the social media metrics that you need to pay attention to here.

Engagement rate

In social media, the key is engagement. You can have a great-looking social media marketing strategy, but none of it is going to make much of a difference if your engagement rates are down. You have to monitor your social media posts to determine if your social media marketing is effective in drawing your audience in.

It can be very tempting to simply continue on as normal without really caring if your social media marketing strategy reflects good engagement rates or not, but a low engagement rate means that you could be wasting time with your current approach to your social media marketing strategy.

Post frequency

Another metric that you need to pay attention to is the post frequency metric, which relates to how many times you post content in a week. If you have a high post frequency rate, but a low engagement rate, then this can indicate problems with your content.

Pay attention to the platform

When it comes to paying attention to your social media and Lakeland SEO metrics, it’s very important to understand the platform that you’re looking at. It won’t do for you to assume that all platforms have the same kind of relevance in terms of metrics.

For some platforms, some metrics matter more than others, so you have to always look into the platform that you are currently working with so that you can determine which metrics require the most attention and which ones you can easily overlook. This should always be one of the first things that you do when you take on a new social media marketing strategy.