No matter what kind of online marketing strategy you are using for your business, whether it’s Lakeland SEO or social media marketing, your main goal will always be conversions. Conversion rates can take any form, whether it’s in the form of sales or signups. Your entire website design is built for the conversion action.

Because of this, you have to work hard to make sure that your website is optimized for maximum conversions. This means that you need to keep an eye out for anything that can hurt your website’s conversion rates. Read on to learn more about some conversion killers that can hurt your Lakeland SEO and business.

No calls-to-action

Calls-to-action on your website are supposed to lead the user to the conversion action, so if you do not make use of CTAs on your website, then your users will not know how to convert on your website. One of the most basic web design elements that you need to incorporate in your website design is strong CTAs.

Bad visual design

As important as content is for your website as a whole, you should never disregard the importance of visual design. If your website is too cluttered and looks outdated, then there is very little chance that your users will want to proceed with the conversion on your website. Take the time to invest in professional website design for the sake of your site conversions.

Too much content that is hard to understand

Content is always a good thing for your website, but you should not forget about how users take in your content. If your content is hard to read and is full of industry terms that are difficult to understand, then users are not going to be interested in engaging and converting. Format your content so that it is easier for the eye to read and use personable language that your users will find informative, yet easy to read.

A suspicious website

Online security is a major concern for online users today. If your website shows little to no signs of proper website security, then it will not proceed with the conversion process. Make sure that your website has the basic security features in place so that there is no cause for security concern.

General lack of direction on the website

Every website design, Lakeland SEO, and online marketing strategy is set up with a general purpose in mind. This is easily seen on the website upon access. However, if your website has no clear direction in place, then users are not going to know what to do on your site and decide to opt-out. Make sure that your website provides your users with a clear direction all the way to the conversion action.