Lakeland SEO methods have changed a lot over the past years. Keep in mind that SEO is one of the oldest types of online marketing that you can do for your website. It is also one of the most important types since this can help you boost your organic site traffic numbers, which has been proven to lead to higher conversion rates.

However, normal website owners don’t know much about SEO, and they are led to believe that SEO methods from ten years ago are still valid today. Unfortunately, many of these methods fall under blackhat SEO, which refers to SEO methods that are no longer valid today, and the use of these can lead to the penalization of your website. To make sure that you don’t end up accidentally using these for your own Lakeland SEO strategy, here is a simple rundown on what blackhat SEO is.

Why does blackhat SEO exist?

After all of this warning about blackhat SEO, you may be wondering why this even exists, to begin with. Back when the Internet was a very new concept, website owners realized that they could game the search engine system, so to speak, which would bring their websites to the front page of search engine results.

As their algorithms changed, the SEO rules changed along with it. While they can’t do anything about people using these methods, search engines were able to penalize those who do so that they can prioritize quality content and the sites that follow their algorithms.

What happens if you use blackhat SEO?

Now that you know more about where blackhat SEO comes from, you may be wondering why this is something that you need to stay away from. After all, if it worked for older website owners, this should work well for you, right?

Keep in mind that search engines eventually wised up to the websites that used these strategies, and started penalizing the websites that made use of these methods. These penalties can take the form of either a lower site ranking as a minimal offense, to the deindexing of your website. This is something that you want to avoid as much as possible for you to improve a site’s ranking.

Some of these methods include keyword stuffing, link farming, paying for backlinks, and the use of poorly made content. Legitimate SEO relies on quality content as well as the proper implementation of keywords and creating a great user experience to boost their page rankings.