The coronavirus pandemic forced many schools to retreat to online learning. Even daycare centers have to move to distance learning as a platform. Is it harder to market this form of learning to students and their parents? How are they going to make sure that they will receive the same quality of education if they are not in school? For this, you need to use some impactful Lakeland marketing strategies.

Make a Video

Take your audience for a walk around your facility. If you are operating from your home or even from your garage, show them how you turned it into a facility that can house different computers and backdrops for your “teachers.” Are the teachers going to work from one site or from their homes? It’s nice for your target market to know the details of how their kids are going to learn, or what environment their kids are going to be exposed to.

Write a Blog

More than just showing your facilities on video, talk about it in a blog or article, too. You can write an engaging blog about the impact of the pandemic on your learning centers. You can also talk about the steps you have taken since the outbreak. What measures did you put in place? How did these measures help you come up with the necessary plans to enact your new online learning program?

Post on Social Media

Parents and students are looking for online programs, but where are they looking for these? Interestingly, there are more searches happening on social media than on search engines such as Google and Bing. People are using social media as a primary search engine to look for various things they can support, buy, advocate, and learn from. Make sure that your learning center has a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page, so you can share the programs you crafted.

Using the power of social media will allow you to reach your intended market. Social media also provides a way to market even outside your followers’ network. Facebook ads, for example, are affordable and have a wide reach.

These are just some of the Lakeland marketing methods you can use to market your online learning centers. Remember that a lot of families are in financially insecure situations now. When there are few enrollments in your programs, it’s not because they’re not appealing but it might be since so many families lost their sources of livelihood. That being said, you have to be intentional with your marketing strategy because the right approach will convince parents that you’re the right choice.