If you are a service-based business, chances are that you cannot operate your business normally in today’s current situation. Because people are advised to social distance for now, your service-based business will feel the grunt and impact of this policy. But you cannot just stop marketing your business. You have to use Lakeland marketing to continue pushing your business forward.

How does a company do that at this time?

Offer Incentives

If you are allowed to operate, offer customers some incentives to do business with you or avail of your services. A lot of your customers are still wary to enter into any transaction considering the fear that’s prevalent in society today because of the virus. However, if your offers are attractive enough, they might take you up on your offer. Just make sure that your company is following strict safety measures for the health of your employees and clients. If you’re a spa business, for example, offer a huge discount for your premium packages.

Sell Now, Use Later

Another way to boost your profit today is to sell your services now for a lower price, but allow the consumers to use it until such time that they feel comfortable doing business with you. If you’re in the hospitality industry, you can sell gift certificates now that your clients can use at a later date. You can give a discount for anyone who wants to stay in your hotel today but at the same time, offer the same rooms for a cheaper price for those who like to book today but use the rooms later.

Reach Out

Continue reaching out to your customers. This is the only way you can keep updating them about what your company has been up to. Your Lakeland marketing campaigns cannot be put on hold because of the pandemic. These campaigns must continue working for your business to bring web traffic, conversions, and feedback. Use social media to converse with your customers. Find out what their concerns are during this time and find a way to provide solutions.

This is a time when your entrepreneurial skills are being tested. Take time to study all the options available to you. Don’t rush into Lakeland marketing strategies that are not made for a crisis such as this one.

Make sure that you’ve laid out all the options before you choose one that will work best for your business. Lastly, listen to your employees. They know your business, too. They care about its success, too. It’s better to keep an open mind when you are trying to survive a crisis.