In such a horrendous time as the coronavirus pandemic, how can businesses respond to it with empathy, compassion, and tact? How can businesses be sensitive to the needs of the customers when they need to survive by hard-selling products to them? It is with mindful marketing that businesses can survive. This type of Lakeland marketing is founded on the ideology of empathy and compassion as prime movers of the marketing strategy during difficult times.

Postpone Campaigns That Can Be Perceived as Insensitive

During the height of the crisis, many companies had to postpone numerous campaigns that can be deemed as insensitive to the plight of their market. Take this lesson every time there is a crisis in your business. Make an inventory of the campaigns that are currently running. Identify what among these campaigns are not a priority right now.

When you realign Lakeland marketing campaigns to address a crisis, you will impress your audience. They will see that you are concerned about the industry and the general market. Many customers see businesses as more concerned about making money than to give value to their market. If you refocus your campaigns during times of crisis, you will prove to your audience that you are different; that you might actually be better.

Evaluate Imagery

Visual communication is more important than the text. Review what images you use in your marketing campaigns. Do they fit the message of your brand? For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, avoid photos of people touching and hugging. If there are photos of social gatherings, avoid those, too. The whole point of the fight against coronavirus is to practice social distancing.

You should also rewrite phrases in your campaigns. These phrases include “work hand in hand” and “get in touch.” These words may get scrutinized by your market. Avoid using words that might be insensitive to what your target market is going through.

Never Capitalize on the Crisis

Keep people informed about the crisis, but never capitalize on it. Although every crisis is an opportunity for your business, don’t use it to alarm people or to instill fear in them. Instead of alarming them of what the crisis means to their health, share with them ways on how your products can be used as protective measures.

It’s tricky to start a Lakeland marketing strategy during times of crisis. However, the world does not stop when events such as a pandemic happen. You have to take care of your business, as well as your employees. Find the balance between growing your business and being emphatic to your market.