The main difference between pay-per-click ads and organic search ranking is that the former involves money from the get-go. It means that you will have to pay every time someone clicks on the ad. How much? It can be as low as $0.20 per ad to as much as a couple of bucks. It depends on the keywords that you want to rank for. High-traffic keywords are generally more expensive, so Lakeland marketing experts always aim for low-ranking keywords.

But what about organic search ranking? Is this more effective than PPC? Well, not necessarily and it depends on what your business needs exactly. For example, if you want to rank for a high-traffic keyword such as mortgage loan, you might have to use PPC. But if you are looking to rank for more specific keywords such as best mortgage broker in Lakeland, FL, you might be better off using organic search ranking techniques.

You should know, too, that organic search ranking involves money. Sure, you don’t have to pay for it every time someone clicks on the ad, but ranking for these keywords involves a variety of techniques such as content marketing and social media marketing. It means hiring content creators for your website. It also means possibly running some ads on social media platforms, so you can reach different markets.

The perfect solution in choosing between these two Lakeland marketing strategies is to combine their benefits. As mentioned above, PPC ads are effective with high-traffic keywords. Use it if you want to rank for a specific keyword. But if you have a list of low-ranking keywords, then use organic search ranking techniques for that. While it may take a while before you see the difference with organic searches, this is actually more viable and stable than ranking on search engines using PPC.

When you rank organically for a keyword, it will be hard for your business competitors to take that away from you. Even if you somehow slipped in how you “take care” of your ranking, Google is usually more lenient to organic rankers. The same cannot be said if you run out of money for your PPC ads.

Finding the perfect balance between these two techniques is what every business must learn how to do. There are plenty of options for marketers right now. They should take advantage of how many ways one can market a business. Of course, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these Lakeland marketing techniques is always the first order of business.