In 2020, even amid a pandemic that has killed thousands and crippled economies, content remains to be the king. Five years from now, what you have on your website will still echo. It will still have a profound impact on the successes and failures of your business. That’s why it matters to hire the right content writer who can provide the Lakeland marketing services that your business needs.

But before hiring just about anyone you found on the internet, ask yourself this: what do I need from this content writer? Do I need him to build backlinks? Do I need someone to write SEO articles, so the website can rank higher on search engines? Do I need someone to manage social media accounts and make posts that will engage the audience? Many businessmen believe that a writer can do everything. But that’s where the mistakes come in.

Sure, writers are known to adjust to the demands. They learned SEO, right? But that doesn’t mean that writers can just generate the right kind of articles you need on a whim. It takes a special skill set to achieve your business goals. That’s why knowing what you need is very important before speaking to anyone who wants to write for you.

What Experiences Do You Have in Content Creation?

There’s nothing wrong with giving opportunities to people who are willing to learn, but how sure are you that you have the time to teach writers how to create the content that you need? Surely, other companies are looking for the exact skills that this writer has. You have to find someone that fits your business’ needs and goals.

What Value Can You Bring to the Company?

Has this writer ever ranked a web page higher on search engines? Does one of her articles come up when you search for the appropriate keyword? Not only should the writer know how to produce content that will attract your target audience, but they should also have experience in increasing the actual web traffic of a website. Boosting conversion rates is another thing they should have done for a client before.

How Much Time Do You Need to Create Content?

No matter how good a content creator is, if he needs two weeks to create a single post, then that’s not going to cut it for your business. You need someone to create content a bit faster. Twice or once a week would be okay. Once every two weeks? That’s just too much. Maximize whatever opportunities you have. With Lakeland marketing services, time is always of the essence.