After the pandemic, the economy will do all it can to thrive and get back on its feet. It is up to you, as a small business, to ride on its coattails and hang on for dear life. One of the most important things you can do is to hire a marketer, someone who knows the Lakeland marketing services your business needs to prosper in a post-pandemic world.

Congratulations, your business survived the worst of the pandemic. It managed to remain open during the height of the outbreak. It’s barely on its feet now, but its doors are still wide open and you were able to maintain most of your employees. Hopefully, you’ll be far better in the next few months. But that also depends if you are willing to invest in your business. You should hire a marketer to help you get things done. What should you look for?

Someone Willing to Serve

Marketing is a service. The goal of a marketing team is to develop strategies that will lead customers to the sales team. Whatever a marketer should do must complement the role of the sales team. They need to drive customers to the sales team, so the sales can close the deal. Marketers must also provide the sales team with materials and tools to make it easier for them to sell the business’ products and services.

Someone Who Enjoys Being Measured

A marketer wants his work to be measured. They should know how important quantitative measurement and conversion rates are, and that should be okay with them. True marketers understand that the only way to perfect one’s strategy is for it to be measured. So, whether they’re producing brochures, digital billboards, blogs, corporate sponsorships, fancy ads, trade shows, and press releases, the right marketers will focus on what those materials drive to the business rather than how they look from the outside.

Someone Who Can Write

A marketer doesn’t need to be as good as a novelist or journalist in writing, but it helps if he does not use business language and common marketing blurbs to attract his audience. Customers are allergic to business prose. They don’t like hearing jargon in ads and marketing materials. They certainly don’t want to hear it from someone you hired to provide Lakeland marketing services. Do not even consider hiring someone whose idea of marketing is dependent on the number of technical words he knows.