Is finding a content writer difficult? As one of the most important Lakeland marketing services, how can you find quality content writers? A content writer should know more than to string words together. A good content writer knows about search engine optimization (SEO), too. Why would you hire someone who doesn’t know how to drive traffic to your website? SEO writing capabilities are the most important skills your writer should have.

Write a Detailed Job Descriptions

Writing a job post will ensure that you will find who you need. There are different types of writers: brand journalists, SEO copywriters, ghostwriters, and web writers. They can also be freelancers or someone who’s just great at storytelling. What do you want the writer to do for your business? When trying to find a writer, it’s important to tell prospective employees what you expect them to write about. This is a major consideration for those who want to apply for a job.

Look for Referrals

You should, of course, look for referrals. It can come from written referrals or digital ones. At this time, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who still writes referrals and recommendations. Who will give you referrals? Friends, business associates, and industry colleagues have already encountered content writers for their businesses. These are the people that you should ask.

You can also use online forums and communities to find writers for your business. For example, Facebook’s Groups have a community of writers who are looking for clients. All you have to do is post there about your need to hire a content writer.

Ask the Right Questions

Do you have to test the candidate’s writing and grammar skills? Not likely. You’ll know from the interview if this is the right writer for you. Ask questions that matter to your company such as how their work ethics are and what motivates them to work harder? You can ask for a portfolio of their write-up so you have an idea of how they write, but you can always have a glimpse of this during the temporary phase of the employment if you decide to hire them.

Check for Plagiarism

This is the most important part of finding content writers. You have to check their work for plagiarism. One of the most common mistakes of employers is not looking into this before offering a job contract. Sure, you can always fire the writer, but that’s a waste of time. Once you see their portfolio, check for plagiarized work. You can even reach out to their past employers to know if the writer had an incident of plagiarism. This is not the kind of Lakeland marketing services that you should want to hire.