If you don’t know already, content is king in internet marketing. If your website does not have the right content to attract customers, you won’t likely get a second look from your target audience (yes, no matter how many discounts and coupons you offer). People like finding relevant information before they decide to purchase an item or a service. That’s why businesses are investing hard in content writing as one of the most important Lakeland marketing services for any company.

Finding a good content writer shouldn’t be too difficult. Yes, it’s tricky to find someone who can deliver the right content for your business, but there are plenty of content writers willing to write relevant articles for a fair price.

Post on Social Media

Create a job posting on social media. Even Facebook already has a dedicated part of the platform for job openings. Make sure to write about the job legibly. This means discussing the qualifications of the job and the duties and responsibilities of the content writer. If possible, talk about the topics that they will be asked to write about. You can post on job boards or social media. People are all over the internet trying to find good job openings for their skills.

Read the Portfolio

A writer usually has a portfolio of work. Ask for sample articles, so you can get a general idea of how the writer works. If you like the flow of words and ideas, you can contact the writer again and arrange for a test and interview. However, don’t depend on the portfolio alone. You can research the writer on the internet. Simply enter the writer’s name and read up anything that comes up—social media accounts, personal blogs, etc.

Do a Test

If you want the candidate to take a test, go ahead. Make sure it is very clear to the candidate what the test entails to do. If it’s only to find out if the candidate is culture-fit for the job, then tell the candidate that. There is no reason why a job candidate shouldn’t take an exam. This will help you decide whether you are hiring the right person for the job.


Finally, a phone interview with the candidate will give you an insight into the person you are about to hire. You can ask work-related questions. Hopefully, you’ll get a glimpse of how this person is as an employee. Remember that a content writer is one of the most important Lakeland marketing services you need in your business. Be very careful about who you are going to give the post to.