Do you remember the time when you tinker around with your computer to make brochures? Haven’t done that before? Some of you have, we’re sure. That’s just how the 90s people roll. When there’s nothing good to watch on TV, teenagers go on their computers and create brochures for just about anything (a pretend business, for example). Brochures are a staple to Lakeland marketing services. Many businesses still choose to make brochures to spread information about their products and services.

Does it still work? Do brochures still have the same impact on consumers?

They Are Easy to Distribute

Brochures are easy to distribute. You don’t even have to hand them over to people you pass on the streets. You can simply put the brochures in the container in your reception area. People who are interested to inquire about your products can enter your store and get a brochure. Or, you can hire someone to distribute the brochures outside your office or near the entrance/exit of malls and groceries, depending on your target market. You can also leave them with your local tourism office, so they can distribute it to tourists. As part of your marketing campaign, you can include brochures in the paper bag every time someone buys something from your store.

They Are Cost-Effective

Many companies can design and produce brochures without you needing to break your advertisement budget. They can print the brochures in bulk, so you don’t have to pay too much. These brochures can act as your business card. They will provide information about your business to anyone who wants to know about it. The brochure should have your business address and contact details.

They Build Trust

Think of the brochure as a printed version of your website. The brochure will tell your customers about your business and what you offer. It will give an overview of your products and services. The brochure is a printed representation of your company. It shows professionalism. It builds trust because it means you have reliable credentials and dependable business practices.

They Contain Plenty of Useful Information

As mentioned above, treat the brochure as a printed version of your website. It should contain relevant information about your business—what you sell, your line of products and services, contact info, testimonials, and many more. This is one of the first things that your customers will notice about your business. Take time to talk with your agent about brochures being one of the Lakeland marketing services that they can make for your business.