Have you been around forever? If so, does it mean you don’t need new customers to notice your business? Are you just starting in retail? Then, you need help more than ever, especially because the pandemic has put a hamper on many of your Lakeland marketing strategies. No matter where you are in your business, marketing to the right people is important if you want your business to thrive, succeed, or even merely survive.

Be Where Your Customers Are

What channels and platforms are your customers using? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? If yes, then use all of those. Are they hanging out in cafes or bars? Make sure your brand is present in these places, too. Your Lakeland marketing strategies will fall on deaf ears if you’re not meeting your customers where they are. So, before thinking of the next-great slogan for your brand, find your customers first. Create a campaign that will make them stand up and notice.

Leverage Your Assets

If you already have a brick-and-mortar store, then leverage what you already have. You likely have a lot of resources at hand, only that you don’t know how to maximize them. You can style your store the way your customers want it. Make it Instagrammable. Use colors such as Millennial pink if you plan to market your products to this generation. Use a lot of natural colors such as green and tan because these apparently look good on the ‘gram.

What is your Lake Front Property? This is the area of your store that generates the most revenue. Make sure to put best-selling products in that area. You can also use that area to gain more attention for your lesser-known but great products.

Use Social Media

You cannot deny how important social media is in Lakeland marketing. If you aren’t using social media to reach your customers, you aren’t doing a good thing at selling them your brand. People spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They’re using other social media channels, too. These are the platforms they use to research a product before they buy it.

Make sure your reputation is as solid as it can be on social media. These channels can make or break you. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of social media users. One wrong move can land you in the doldrums forever. So, use your Lakeland marketing strategies wisely and maximize their potentials by incorporating social media.