Editors are scary individuals. Sure, they are cool once you get to know them on a personal level. But when it comes to their jobs, editors can be truly intimidating. As part of your Lakeland marketing strategy, you should build a relationship with your favorite editors from publications that you trust. This work relationship will be beneficial for you in the future as your press releases get the attention and space they need.

But before even establishing that professional relationship, you need to learn how to pitch to the editors first. No matter how well-liked you are as a marketer or PR practitioner, editors won’t look kindly at your press releases if they are pitched in the wrong way.

Subject Line

Make your subject line interesting. Make sure that it has enough information to catch the attention of the editors. These people receive hundreds of press releases in a day. They tend to judge the merit of each email based on the subject line. That’s why it’s important to learn how to write an effective, concise, and descriptive subject line.


Feel free to personalize the introduction of your press release. Use the name of the editors so they know the email is addressed to them. Ask them how their week is going. Maybe ask them for coffee when they have the time. Then, give a short explanation of what the press release is about. You don’t need to be overly descriptive because the press release will do that for you.

If the editors don’t know you yet, introduce yourself. Tell the editors what you do and who you are working for. Leave them your contact information so they can get in touch with you if they need to learn more about the topic.


Before the main press release or article, write about three bullet points highlighting the important information they can find in the article. These bullet points are important for the editors because it will tell them what they need to learn about your pitch. Saving them a lot of time from browsing through the article will endear you to the editors.


Once in a while, choose a specific publication that will “break” what you’re pitching to their readers and viewers. Editors want exclusive content. They don’t want to write stories about the same content that other media outlets will run. Make it a point to give editors exclusive content occasionally. This will make them want to work with you more.

A great Lakeland marketing strategy develops great relationships with news and media outlets. It understands the power that the media plays in a business’ success.